In the future, technology and artificial intelligence will have a great impact on how we live our everyday lives. This increases the importance of personal interaction in an analog world. Communicating face to face, as apposed to through virtual reality. The role of the office in 2037 might be solely as a meeting ground for face to face interaction. 

So: How do we meet AFK in the office space 2037?

People tend to gather around something, it’s rare we meet around nothing at all. The table has played a major role as a social actant throughout history. My wish for this project was to explore: What kind of role should a meeting table play in social interaction? What qualities do we look for in a meeting point? How little is needed to indicate a meeting space?

ORBIT.400.5 occupies minimal space in the office when in it’s closed position.  It can be transformed into several different compositions. Unfolding ORBIT allows the users to influence how they meet. It can expand from one to several work surfaces, depending on the need.

ORBIT.400.5 morphs into different shapes and is a dynamic meeting point. It serves as a social contender, creating a link between employees in an analog meeting setting.